10th October,2017

Myth breaking with MeMe.care

The microwave is not your enemy!

A lot of people believe that using a microwave to heat food kills off the nutrients in it. However, it is the amount of time the food is cooked for that makes the difference. Prolonged heating using any device could lead to loss of nutrients. In fact, microwave cooks food in a very short time and its proper use can actually minimise nutrient loss.

Brown bread more nutritious than white bread!

Most bread available in the market is made of refined flour or maida just like white bread. A few seeds and grains are sprinkled in white bread dough to make a multigrain bread. Caramel is then added to impart the brown colour to brown bread. This essentially means multigrain and brown bread offer no additional health benefits. They are devoid of most vitamins and minerals just like white bread. If you’re looking for the healthiest bread available, it is advisable to select the bread that has the words “whole wheat” on the food label.

Workout does not mean you eat what you want

A lot of people believe it is okay to eat anything, provided they exercise regularly. While an occasional indulgence is fine, overeating will add to the pounds. Eating empty calorie foods like cakes, chips and aerated beverages only because you are working out is certainly not going to help. Your diet should complement your workout. Healthier eating habits will lead to better results.

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