19th November,2017

Ideas to keep your family active

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Schedule a time each day for an outdoor activity with your children. Hike a local nature trail or ride a bicycle path.

Join a team

Encourage children to join school or club sports teams.

Schedule family playtime

Take a walk or play a family game of tag after dinner each night. Choose activities that require movement, such as bowling, catch or miniature golf.

Choose toys wisely

Give children toys that encourage physical activity, such as balls, kites, skateboards and jump ropes.

Limit screen time

Experts warn that one to two hours of screen time a day should be the limit for children, but some are logging more than double that amount. Set boundaries, keep the television and electronic media out of your child's bedroom and limit computer usage to school projects.

Plant a garden

Caring for plants gives your children a reason to get outside each day. Learning how to grow a garden teaches the food system, while sampling the harvest encourages healthy eating habits

Chip in with chores

Rake leaves, shovel snow and do other home-maintenance projects as a family. In the end, your home will be better off and so will your family’s health.

Using an app

You can also use an health care app like MeMe.care to keep track on your own and family health.

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