11th November,2017

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Is egg yolk good or bad?

With 186 mg of cholesterol, egg yolk has been considered by many as harmful for the heart and health in general. However, recent studies have proved that dietary cholesterol, found in animal-based products like poultry and dairy, has little impact on your blood cholesterol. It is not the dietary cholesterol that is bad for you but the trans fat and saturated fats found in most processed foods and fried items. All in all, whole egg serves as a complete food with all vital nutrients necessary for the body.

Timing of a meal affect your weight!

It is commonly believed that eating food late at night makes you gain weight. However, it is not the timing of your meal that contributes to the unwelcome weight gain. More often than not, eating late at night is accompanied by inactivity which leads to weight gain.

Low-fat foods are not better for you.

Fat carries flavour. So, if a product says low-fat, high sugar or salt is added to make it tastier. Many a time, flavour enhancers are added to bring out flavour in the tasteless fat-free food. So, be an alert consumer and read the food label on any low-fat foods. High sugar and/or salt not only leads to weight gain, but results in rapid changes in energy levels too.

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