How do I use this app?

It's very easy! You can download the MeMe.Care app from Google Play Store or Itunes Store, register yourself with your mobile number, create your profile and you are ready to use our app.

What can I use this app for?

You can use MeMe Care to manage and monitor your health. You can also add your family members to maintain the health records of your family. You can consult Doctors over our eConsult platform. You can read health tips and remedies. You can also subscribe for MeMe Edge clinic to measure your vital stats and record it automatically on the MeMe Care App.

How much does it cost?

MeMe Care App is free to use. However if you wish to subscribe to our MeMe Edge Clinic, you can opt for different packages available.

What can I ask the doctor?

You may ask any question releated to your health and wellness. Doctors may not answer any general questions that are not directly related to your health.

Is this app safe?

Our app is hosted on a completely secured server and our servers are HIPPA compliant. It is also protected by 2 way authentication.

Why do you need my personal details?

All your personal details are completely private and secured. Your personal and health data can only be viewed by the doctor with whom you have secured an appointment, to better dignose and treat you.

Do you have specialists?

Yes. We have a team of carefully selected and personally verified MD & MBBS doctors from across India. Each doctor has received extensive training to consult you over the app.

Can I consult with the same doctor again?

Yes. You can consult the same doctor again based on his or her availability.

Can I use this app in emergencies?

No. This app is only for primary health care. Doctors on this app can only help you with consultation based issues that can be shared in the form of medical reports. In case of an emergency we would advice to call an ambulance.

What are the service timings?

Our doctors are ready to help you whenever they are online. You may also contact our support team anytime if you need any further assistance.

What is the duration of e-consult?

It totally depends on the conversion that you are having with the doctor.

How do I pay?

You can buy MeMe Credits using Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking. You can use these MeMe credits to pay for Subscription, Consumbles or to e-Consult any doctor.

I tried to pay but payment failed?

Please check your internet connection, If internet is connected please try to pay again. If your payment is already deducted from bank

I have paid but does not reflect in my credit?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes due to slow internet or payment gateway issues this problem can happen. We reconsile every 24 hours and if you have made payment your account will be credited. In case you do not see any credit in next 24 hours, kindly contact our Support Team to resolve the issue.

How do I upload my profile pricture?

Please go to Profile, click on edit profile. From here you can upload your profile image.

How do I add my family members?

Go to Menu, click on Manage Family Health Record. Here you can add your family members

How do I book an appointment for my family member?

While booking an appointment please select the family member name and you will able to book an appointment for a family member.

How do I purchase any subscription?

Go to Menu, click on Subscription. Here you can purchase any subscription from the list.

I have brought a subscription but your MeMe Edge Clinic is not available in my city

Please write to us and we will refund your subscription amount or your subscription will only start once MeMe Edge clinic is established in your city.

What should I do if I cannot find a doctor I am looking for?

The Doctor may not be online for eConsultation. You can either book an appointment for a later date and time or consult another doctor.

Where do I see my doctor prescription?

Go to Menu and click on e-Prescription Tab to view the prescription

My Prescription is locked and I am unable to see it.

This can happen if the doctor has not been paid for the eConsult. Please try adding more credit to your account and as soon as the doctor is paid your prescription will be unlocked.

I have suffecient balance in my credit still my prescription is locked.

We will try to resolve this issue on priority however if you are unable to see the prescription, please contact our Support Team.

How do I add my old health record?

Go to Menu, click on Health Record. On this screen, you will be able to add your previous health records.

Can I add my old reports?

Yes, you can upload the scanned copy or use your mobile camera to take a picture and upload your old reports.

© Copyright 2017 MeMe Information Technology. All Right Reserved

© Copyright 2017 MeMe Information Technology. All Right Reserved